Nutty Granola On The Go

Nutty Granola Bars
Gluten Free and Vegan

I bring you this week the quickest recipe in the history of The History of the Cauldron Blog Posts !!

Its been a busy week here celebrating The Cauldron Apprentice Apprentice first birthday and you will have found me in the kitchen creating a Smash Cake , and Birthday Cake in the way we do in The Cauldron

So these bars have been very much needed to keep my energy levels up and stop me eating all the left over frosting πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

I promised a quick bake this week and you generally get on the blog what we are enjoying eating …. so seeing I’ve no granola bars written online it was time to rectify the matter before I sign off for 4 weeks blog break and at last a holiday away , abeit in the same country. But a break is a break

Some straight forward directions no pics needed and an even quicker photo shoot ….

But there is no lacking in taste or bake this are the bees knees of granola bars , the date syrup takes then to the next level ( in my opinion )

So lets crack on

Granola Bars need to be Stacked !!!


Nutty Granola Bars GF, DF V

  • Servings: 8 / 12 Bars
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A delicious convenient chewy granola bars....packed with the good stuff

You will require an 8in ( 20cm ) x 8 In ( 20 cm ) baking tin


  • 180 g gluten free whole or rolled oats ( I used Holland and Barrett )
  • 70 g Gluten Free Plain Flour Blend ( if not using your own blend I recommend Dove Farms Freee UK or Pilsbury US )
  • 50 g Pumpkin Seeds
  • 50 g Whole Almonds
  • 20 g Cocoa Nibs
  • 20 g Chia Seeds
  • 70 g Dried Fruit ( I used cranberries )
  • 1 tsp Ground Cinnamon
  • 1/4 tsp Freshly Ground Nutmeg
  • 160 g Almond Butter ( I used Pip and Nut )
  • 170 g Date Syrup ( I used Biona )
  • 1 tsp Vanilla extract


  1. Preheat the oven 160 c Fan /180ΒΊC. Standard / 350 F
  2. Line an 8in ( 20 cm ) Square baking tin with parchment
  3. Add the dry ingredients to a large mixing bowl and stir until well combined. Set aside.
  4. Add wet ingredients and the almond butter to a saucepan , stir and cook over medium heat, stirring frequently, until well mixed and smooth.
  5. Add the wet ingredients to the dry mixture in the large bowl and mix until combined and fully coated
  6. Transfer the mixture to a lined 8Γ—8 inch (20Γ—20 cm) baking pan . Use a metal spoon to spread the mixture fairly evenly in the baking pan and press down firmly with it
  7. Place in oven on middle shelve and Bake for 20
  8. Let it cool down completely. Then remove from the baking pan and cut into 8 to 12 bars.
  9. Ready for breakfast, or as a snack.
  10. Will keep in air tight container for 7 days

So there you go, easy peasy lemon squeezy ( but no lemons ) 😜😜

I promise a non nut version in the future but fro this week this is what i ate πŸ™Š

So a couple more pics , nothing special just granola bars doing their granola thing πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ

Ready for on the go
Store Cupboard Ingredients you know whats in Them !!!!
The Perfect Stack and Snack !!

Its time to rest , regenerate , decide my direction for the coming months and not risk baking burn out , there’s be alot of content the last 18 months and only a couple of weeks off last October

I may only be small fry in the world of baking blogging and recipe development but it takes time and though and I must admit Im tired

If you read my About me on the page you will understand well !!

However theres a post I’m going to need to address an update on that page, time moves on but the basics are the same πŸ™ˆ

Please feel free to leave me a comment, or a like, it really does spur me on.

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Bye for now see you in a month πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

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