Chamomile Orange Poppy Seed Loaf Cake

Well Saturday comes round so quickly and here I am again here , ready to bore you with another intolerance bake……πŸ™ŠπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

It’s always still in my mind what to produce still that gives a varied amount of repertoire to your baking arsenal, and even if its not needed for the intolerance bake, maybe I can inspire you sometimes with some flavours.

So thinking about summer, the smells, sights, and the need for some to step away from the frosting due to heat and melting issues . I thought no better time to roll out a cake to go with your refreshing cuppa or maybe an ice cool drink.

So today and nice, plain but refreshing Chamomile , Orange and Poppy Seed Tea Loaf.

Moist πŸ™ŠπŸ™Š refreshing and ready for summer.

Things don’t always need to be fancy and blingy ( is that really a word, well it is now πŸ˜‚) to provide a great bake, whats lacking visually is made up with great taste.

I know not everywhere has the availability to Poppy Seeds, but these can be ommited if need be, shame thought you will miss out on that very subtle extra texture, but the taste will still be great.

The Crumbporn on this is amazing and well I’m not denying even I was surprised how it turned out…….baking is still complete magical experience for me and I still love the magic when it all comes together.

I’ve stuck mainly to my own creations at present as really do not want to ride on the shirt tails of others, however there will have to be more recipes adapted I’m sure, l’m not always about creating my own, sometimes its about the manipulation. But true to my word the source will always be highlighted, even if its at the bottom of the blog post as its been a total massacre πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I would also on this post like to remind you the reader, I’m not actually Vegan !!!!! for those following my blog or my Instagram and didn’t realise, please feel free to read my Ethos in the Menu bar it may shed some light.

Right back to the Baking i know you all hate the waffle and diatribe, but really Im just saying Hi to gain your confidence and get you interested ( God I’m sly 😎😎😎😎)

Crumporn Central today πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Chamomile Orange Poppy Seed Loaf Cake

A Citrus Cake loaf, with smooth Chamomile flavour and the pop of Poppy seeds to add to the texture GF, DF, V

You will need one 8″ x 4 ” loaf pan. This recipe will also make 8 standard muffins . Chamomile Tea can be made the night before and left to steep in the fridge for a stronger flavour


– 125 g Gluten Free Flour ( Dove Farm UK or Pilsbury US cup for Cup)
– 1/2 tsp Baking Powder
– 1/8th tsp Bicarb of Soda
– 1/4 tsp Xanthan Gum ( omit if your blend contains it )
– 2 tbsp Poppy seeds
– 60 g Dairy Free Plain Yogurt
– 150 g Caster Sugar
– 65 g Vegan Butter at room temperature ( Stork block or Pure UK or Earth Balance US )
– 2 tbsp Oil of Choice ( I used Sunflower for these)
– 2 egg equivalent of egg , I use Freely egg replacement, 4 tsp to 6 tbsp dairy free milk , but you could use flax egg 1 tbsp ground flax to 3 tbsp water )
– 1 orange giving 1 1/2 tbsp of zest and 2 tbsp of orange juice
For the Orange syrup
– 1 Chamomile Teabag
– 100 ml boiled water
– 2 tbsp sugar
– 1 tbsp course sugar


  1. Preheat the oven to 160 C Convection / 180 C / 350 F
  2. Grease and line your loaf tin with Parchment
  3. Make up your Chamomile tea with one tea bag and 100 mls boiling water, this can be done the night before for a stronger flavour and leave to go cold
  4. Sift the Flour, Baking Powder, Bicarb ,Poppy Seeds and Xanthan Gum into a Bowl
  5. In a medium bowl, zest the Orange on a small grater into the sugar and rub in with your fingertips for 2 minutes to release the oil
  6. In another bowl whisk combine the yogurt , oil and a tablespoon of the tea
  7. In a stand mixer or a bowl ( ready to use a hand mixer ) add the orange sugar, room temperature vegan butter and oil, beat for 2 to 3 minutes with a paddle beater until light and fluffy
  8. Add the egg replacer a tablespoon at a time and whisk until Incorporated to the butter sugar combo
  9. Add the 2 tablespoons Orange juice and whisk til combined
  10. BY HAND πŸ™ŠπŸ˜œ Fold in a third of the ingredients
  11. Then a half the Yogurt mix and combine, repeat the last two steps, finishing with flour mix
  12. Place the batter in the lined tin
  13. Bake for 40 minutes until golden brown and cake tester of tooth pick comes out clean from the centre
  14. Whilst the cake is cooking bring the tea and 2 tbsp of sugar to the boil on the hob and simmer until the sugar is dissolved , take of the heat and leave to cool
  15. Remove cake from the oven and leave in the pan for 10 minutes to cool
  16. Take the cake out of the pan, poke small holes in the cake with a cocktails stick and brush over the chamomile tea and sprinkle with coarse sugar
  17. Place on a cooling rack to go cold
  18. Enjoy

Well there you go, a nice, straight forward bake. Packing summery vibes and the smoothness of the chamomile, no fuss, no bling just good home-baking at its comfortable best……. go on give it a try, you wont be disappointed………well if you are you have no taste 😜😜😜😜😜

Now I’ve got at least one insult in today. my job is done… give you some pretty picture to soften the blow πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

If it doesn’t look like this you’ve done it wrong πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Crunchy but Moist………..yes really !!!!
You know you want it really……..don’t you 😍😍😍😍
Ultimate Crumporn 😱😱

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Bye for nowπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

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